Charlotte is one of Cake and Monochromicorns kittens. He is a Monochromicorn / Cat hybrid. He is a gender swapped counterpart to Charlie.


Like his mother, Charlotte has the body and face of an coffee-colored/white cat with white eyes. He also has a gray tail and mane with a single white, sharply pointed horn. Charlotte has fairly light gray freckles on his cheeks. He has inherited his father's hair, horn, and tail and his mother's face, body, and limbs.


  • Charlotte has the ability to fly and teleport from one place to another. 
  • He can also transform into a super kitten with his brothers and sisters. 


  • Charlotte is boy despite his name.
  • Charlotte's dancing in "Cake the Mom" imitates Cake's dancing.
  • He carries Television  while flying several times in "Cake the Mom."

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