Gumball & Fionna's wedding.

This is the wedding between Prince Gumball and Fionna.


Aly's version

5 days after having 2 kids, Blowpop and Fiona, Prince Gumball realizes that he wants to "tie the knot" with Fionna (meaning: marrying her). While Fionna was putting the kids to sleep, PG proposed to Fionna, and of course, she accepted. Not only she became Queen of the Candy Kingdom, 5 years later, they had another kid named Gumball Jr. (or Bubba Jr.)

Mz.epic's version


Aly's version

Mz.epic's version


  • Only their wedding exist in Aly's and Mz.epic's fanfiction.

Theme Song

Oh, Fionna is the theme song for their wedding.

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