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Natasha Allegri is a crew member who works on Adventure Time. During the first two seasons she was a character designer, and currently works on the show as a storyboard revisionist. She has designed a multitude of the characters on Adventure Time, and also designed the gender-swapped versions of Finn (Fionna), Jake (Cake), Princess Bubblegum (Prince Gumball), Marceline (Marshall Lee), Lady Rainicorn (Lord Monochromicorn), Ice King (Ice Queen), and Flame Princess (Flame Prince). She did a walla in Loyalty to the King.


  • Natasha stated on her Formspring that she created all the scary faces in "Henchman" and the dress Marceline wore.
  • She sang the theme for "Fionna and Cake."
  • Her favorite character is Tree Trunks.
  • Her favorite Adventure Time couple is Kim and the can that she was kissing.
  • Natasha and Pen created a short parody animation called "Pikapew Poop Chu" that they posted on YouTube.
  • According to her Formspring, she met Pendleton Ward on the internet while doing journal comics, and then he gave her the job.
  • She has a cat named Pancake that appears in her comics and is referenced in some episodes of the show.

Natasha's comicsEdit

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